Btguard VPN review

BTGuard Review – Easy to config. That’s why you almost always want to double-up on security when torrenting. Increase your subscription period to six months and you only have to pay $49. The third and most reliable choice is using VPN to download torrents anonymously. And to put a nail in its coffin, this VPN comes without a kill switch. Most VPN services offer the same pros as BTGuard. On our seemingly neverending journey to expand our database so that it becomes the most comprehensive source of VPN services (tested, reviewed and ranked ones, that is), we’ve stumbled upon BTGuard.

Also, many sites will still be blocked using Hotspot Shield, and the company makes money by tracking your online activities and reselling this information to third parties. It also offers strong encryption and good speed. While it does not offer as many servers as some other VPN services, BTGuard fared quite well on our speed tests, with average to above average speeds for all three server locations.

  • A monthly subscription costs $9.
  • Furthermore, there are strict policies for matters such as Internet neutrality, surveillance and data retention.

Only then can they begin to work on the data channel. Both PIA and BolehVPN ask you not to use U. You can also find affordable and capable VPNs with an unlimited number of connections. With respect to personal information, the BT Guard VPN service says: Well, go through each and every detailing of BTGuard VPNs features, pros, cons & much more.

Before going any further, we need to tell you about this VPN’s background.

Privacy And Security Features

The “BT” in its name actually stands for BitTorrent. For this example, we’ll be referencing the use of BTGuard on a Windows Computer: Hence, with this, you really cannot watch your favourite NetFlix Shows, or turn favourite songs on iPlayer. That’s it, you’ve just configured the BTGuard VPN service to run on your Windows 10 computer by using the PPTP protocol.

So your information is pretty much impenetrable. If you want to get these VPNs at a discounted rate, check out our list of VPN deals 2020 and avail amazing discounts! One good advantage with their client is the kill switch. With the ever increasing efforts to spy on BitTorrent users, many downloaders are seeking ways to hide their traffic from the public eye.

  • However, in any case, if you run into an issue, you can communicate with the customer support service for the same.
  • After all, if your connection becomes slow, streaming, torrenting, or gaming will probably bring you more frustration than joy.
  • 00 5 22 80 6 2 29 C Self 3.
  • The configuration files for OpenVPN can be downloaded from the account area of the site.

BTGuard Rating

Let’s start from the beginning: For payment they accept credit cards, Paypal, almost any Gift Card, Amazon Payments, CashU, Google Wallet, OKPay, Bitcoin, and Liberty Reserve, The service costs $6. Military grade 256-bit encryption ensures online security. The again, when it comes to privacy, BTGuard states that it doesn’t keep any records of usage. The privacy policy claims it does not keep logs, but the agreement you sign during the account creation makes it sound like it keeps some logs. Most people will have given up a long time ago; and sincerely I wouldn’t blame them. Despite its rather large prices, BTGuard doesn’t offer a free trial to its users. You will find it very hard to notice something not appealing in this software.

With this, you can make sure that the connection is working pretty properly. Our security tests have shown that BTGuard leaks DNS requests, which is a major issue for a VPN provider that sells itself as a service that provides you with anonymous connections while torrenting. In this BTGuard review, I learnt that it does not share our personal information with third parties. While I was able to log in with my credentials using the Members link, the login link on the right failed to recognize my credentials. And that’s all that matters. 95, which break down $8. 15 free android vpn apps to surf anonymously, 38% of free Android VPNs contain malware, a CSIRO study found. Unfortunately, we do not.

Take a look at our top 10 VPNs or just go with NordVPN which is secure and safe (rated #1st in our reviews). But still, the price tag is quite high. The BT Guard VPN service offers only two – the OpenVPN and the PPTP. Simply select the desired location and connect to the server. Hence, moving ahead, we are going to give you an In-Depth BTGuard VPN review.

  • Another major problem appeared, too, when we realized the Singapore location was based in the Netherlands (or maybe Germany), and returning Netherlands IP addresses.
  • But you can still test it out with an older version of OpenVPN.
  • Just recently the company also added Bitcoin as a payment method which is great if you want more anonymity.
  • There’s also a knowledge-base along with a series of frequently asked questions.
  • BTGuard doesn't have a customized one, at least not yet.
  • Instead, users must connect to one of its three servers using third-party open source OpenVPN software.

Why a Secure Proxy works Great For BIttorrent

Our core verticals are privacy, quality of service, and prompt customer support. As stated in their privacy policy, BTGuard does not collect any information concerning the torrenting and browsing activities of users. A few reviews says that they are one of the best one (PIA) concerning anonymity. Thus, your Internet speed will affected. And the lack of device options limits them even more. But that’s only true as far as the homepage is concerned. BTGuard does have DNS and IP leaks. 95 ProPrivacy.

Perhaps the only good thing BTGuard has going for it in terms of server performance is their upload speeds. DNS leaks should also be tested for (for these, see the speed tests section below). 95 for 6 months, and $89. Perform a couple of clicks and you’ll find out that most of it is just a facade. The statement of the VPN’s no log policy ends there, without any further detailed explanations of the issue, which should be a priority for a service that offers privacy in exchange for money.

More importantly, the Android VPN app has to be easy to use, providing you the ability to connect with a few simple clicks with minimal tech know-how.

BTGuard: Benefits and Features Tests

BTGuard came with high hopes but hasn’t moved with the times. The good news is that some premium VPN service providers offer their users 30-day money-back guarantee. AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield Privacy Notice does not apply to, and we cannot control the activities of, such other advertisers or other web sites visited by Users. As one would expect from a VPN service that doesn’t come with its own, standalone, dedicated app and relies on third-parties like OpenVPN to run its business, there’s literally nothing you can do in the “Settings” department. Users can expect to deal with the following limitations:

Let us move ahead and start to unwrap a detailing & excited review of BTGuard VPN. AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon. They’re errors that uncover your personal IP address, exposing your true location and personal info before the eyes of your ISP. Hence, you must keep the same thing in mind. These are good questions, especially when you’re dealing with a paid service that costs $6. Okay, let’s be brutally honest.

First hackers have to go through the Transport Layer Security connection. Unfortunately, it does not offer you the possibility to use the software on more devices at once, which is a bit disappointing. There's a distinct lack of useful information. BTGuard claims that the company will collect personal data by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge and consent of the concerned individual. That being said, we can embark on our account-creation journey, through which we’ll try our best to guide your steps, so you can create an account with minimum effort. With PPTP, its speed was quite good for an intercontinental connection: Hence, after a full analysis of this VPN, I am presenting the same to you in a clearer and precise format.

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Its network presence could use some work, but considering that it specializes in being torrent-friendly, that’s not a decisive factor. Free vpn for torrenting, free VPN providers are not here for charity. Further, in relation to the different servers, the drop speed test was the same which happened due to geographical distance. 95, and breaks down to $5.

Easy to Install and Simple to Use

BTGuard also went through some serious bandwidth upgrades & optimization to provide the best possible reroute speeds,” the BTGuard founder told TorrentFreak. That way, if the service proves unsatisfactory, you’ll not be loosing much. ExpressVPN is a VPN provider which allows you to download torrent files anonymously without sacrificing your Internet speed. It has a proxy option that can be set up in your torrent client. What is the best vpn for kodi in 2020? If you’re still unsure about which VPN provider to go with, we’d like to provide our opinion. Right-click the icon and choose Connect out of the contextual menu.


And for that money, it gives you three serves which is atrociously limited. With the BT Guard service, according to a post on their website, you’ll need to follow the following instructions: However, if you run into any problems, communicating with BTGuard is not 24/7 like it is with many many other VPNs in the same price range.