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Differently said, no matter which of those you pick, you’ll always get the same feature set. Speeds were even more remarkable with the server that is about 700 km away from my home country. The VPN doesn’t store or log IP address beyond the duration of a VPN session. Some quick Windows tests got off to a good start. Download tuxler, yes, it’s free. For example, the Hotspot Shield website reports hat Catapult Hydra is based on TLS (Transport Layer Security] 1. )It does say something that so many other companies have signed off on AnchorFree's services, especially those like Bitdefender that stake their reputation on customer security. Thanks to their trademark technology of data compression, the negative effect on the connection speed with the VPN on is minimal. Your location can determine how fast your connection is, as can your device and any additional security software you may have on your device.

Different factors were considered in this test. Cons of Hotspot Shield: The seven-day trial means that you can try the service for free and cancel it if you don’t like it. So, I do appreciate extensive and well-written extra resources in the form of articles, FAQs, case studies, and active blogs. Supervpn for pc / mac / windows 7.8.10 / mac / computer. 218 using the ARIN Whois service resulted in a listing for an Internet service provider, Mad Genius:

That's on the higher end, although still short of the 5,700-odd servers from CyberGhost VPN. The only way that this can be avoided is if a company has a firm no logging policy. On the app’s homepage, you can see an On and Off button, Help section, list of servers, and menu. Getting online is very simple: Again, it’s very clean and easy to follow.

According to Hotspot Shield, it comes down to the company’s proprietary protocol, Catapult Hydra.

Hotspot Shield Specs

Long-distance checks aren't as useful as there are more factors which can influence performance, but as we've seen in previous reviews, Hotspot Shield also performed very well in these. Customer service is available via live chat and email. You can quickly connect to a server with a single click. Moreover, most VPNs on the market don’t have the live chat feature. I managed to stream Netflix US, UK, and AU without any issues.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VyprVPN are some of the best picks for unblocking not only Netflix but also other platforms.


Many carriers such as Telefonica and KDDI also use Catapult Hydra to provide VPN services and WiFi security to their customers, due to Hydra’s superior performance and reliability. How to find the best vpn service: your guide to staying safe on the internet. When we turned the kill switch on, our IP address wasn't visible at all. Servers can be selected via a world map – which, as well as being intuitive, makes you feel like you’re repositioning the GoldenEye satellite over Severnaya! The last time I checked, it was only visible on Hotspot’s Free VPN page. There were no settings presented before the connection was established.

After downloading the app you will see the following three steps: Performance was a major highlight in our tests, with Hotspot Shield’s proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol helping to deliver some of the best download speeds we’ve seen, even from the most distant locations. You also cannot connect to Netflix. The above graph lays out the average latency per week for the different VPNs. According to them, the software failed to launch. To get a feel for the impact of using a VPN, I perform a series of tests using the Ookla SpeedTest website.

There’s also a Chrome extension, but this only encrypts your browser traffic, leaving other apps on your device exposed.

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This looks and works in almost exactly the same way as the Chrome extension, with just one minor omission (it doesn't include an optional Sword Mode for feeding web trackers fake browsing information.) It is because Hotspot Shield offers the best speed among all VPN providers, according to a test conducted by PCWorld. Yes, Hotspot VPN is one of the providers that is not currently falling afoul of Netflix’s attempts to ban traffic emanating from VPN domains from connecting to its content. If you are not satisfied with the service, the company offers a 45-day money back guarantee. The company will use the collected information to provide, maintain, support, and troubleshoot its service, process payment requests, communicate with existing and prospective users, improve its service and develop new features, prevent harm or liability, and achieve legal compliance. Free vpn apps, it also means you’ll usually experience buffering and lagging. Providing that you have decided on a free service, you click the same-named button: VPNs are a mature technology, and there's more than one way to create an encrypted tunnel for your traffic.

If you want to use Hotspot Shield to unblock media streaming services, you want to know which services this VPN supports. The other useful feature that Hotspot Shield Android app offers is called App Auto Protection. For a few of the connections, ping speed improved along with download speed while using Hotspot Shield. That's the industry average. I'm not a legal expert, but what I've read indicates that the US and Switzerland do not have data retention laws that apply to VPNs.

However, its privacy policy overview states:

Signing up for our exclusive deal can save you a considerable amount, cutting costs to an effective $5. If you would rather err on the side of caution you may want to find a VPN that has a clear data logging policy. It’s all very simple, clear to understand, and uncluttered.


I said why i can't see my packages and my payment invocie or others services i am using. If you’re using a Windows device, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to automatically connect to the provider when accessing various wifi hotspots (unsafe or safe), as well as all networks. With this background, let’s jump into Hotspot Shield’s logging policy.

Five just doesn’t cut it for some people. With all this, I was dreading doing a review. We store it only for the duration of the session. The company can collect user-provided information. Large companies are interested in IT security specialists, but users apply a VPN. Again, compared to the fastest VPNs, Hotspot Shield holds its own and provides stable connections at shorter distances. Speedtest results after connecting to a distant server:

The provider offers fast connection speeds and top-notch privacy protections. Netflix, Hulu, Snapchat, Amazon Prime, YouTube all have something in common. It took the second-worst score in the domestic tests, reducing upload speeds by 58. What about Kodi? Firstly , you might have installed several VPN programs on your device’s platform that make it impossible for Hotspot Shield to operate well. This means that the US government can order Hotspot Shield VPN to give them your personal data.

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Fortunately, all tests were successful. Considering the annoying data retention laws available on US soil, we can understand the frustration. Website blocked in China (service not blocked). Getting started with Hotspot Shield couldn’t be any easier. Since then, the company has been revamping its service, including expanding its network and honing its proprietary protocol. 10 best vpn services (70+ compared & tested), check the laws of the country you're in before connecting. After the 7 days are over, and you have not cancelled your membership, you will then be charged $12. TOR is a highly secure browser that makes it possible to browse the Internet while staying anonymous. And as expected, it will be riddled with advertisements.

On the lower half of the screen, you will see the data transfer for your computer, the VPN IP address you currently have, and a simple yet clear map showing you what country you’re connecting to. The more concerning thing here is the lack of clarity in the language used, with several statements blatantly contradicting each other. You can see what kind of subscription you’re using, and when it’s due to expire. On the plus side, this VPN is fast and unblocks plenty of content.

Hotspot Shield for Chrome and Firefox Browsers

2 seconds, which is not too bad and was right behind Windscribe and Speedify. This doesn't happen in the paid elite version. The only time you see ads with AnchorFree is if you use the free service on the company's Android app. One thing that users complain about is that when connected they cannot see the particular servers they are connected to, only the country. This is our review of Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, based on real VPN testing results.

I prefer how Hotspot Shield regularly rotates its IP addresses, as it makes it harder for a hacker to track you. You can't connect without the software, which leaves Linux and Windows Phone users out in the cold. In other words, transparency isn’t something that this VPN offers.

Testing Hotspot Shield

Companies have unique needs and requirements and no software application can be just right in such a scenario. (64 for 3 years). There is a free version of Hotspot Shield, but it comes with these limitations: The main issue is that third parties may have access to users’ real IP addresses. In the beginning, Hotspot Shield showed a lot of promise. Best vpn for kodi (2020 update), there are a few things that you should ensure while buying a VPN. I'm not entirely sure how these tests know that I am, in fact, a mad genius, but that's a discussion for another day! The dashboard of the Windows client shows you your IP address and current upload and download speeds (Image credit: )

How fast is Hotspot Shield? Regrettably, we noticed that one of the agents was quite eager to end the chat without giving me a chance to inquire more. Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, ITV Hub Security Score: There’s no support for router configuration either. They then intercept traffic and redirect users to specific e-commerce sites.

It has a very generous free VPN offering, and a thorough (if sometimes confusing) privacy policy.

Consumers experiencing problems would be wise to first attempt to solve them using the knowledge base in the Hotspot Shield Help Center. Until now, Hotspot can be used to hide your IP address but isn’t the best option for complete privacy. Still, the company could tighten up some of its privacy efforts more. One important thing about Hotspot Shield is that it's fast, like super fast. Malware detection. This unquestionably gives you more bang for your buck, but it's a trickier prospect for me as a reviewer.